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M&M Financial Client Review from Springfield Missouri 65803


"We got behind. In an effort to grow our business we let all-too important federal tax deposits get off track. When the IRS sent me my notices there were many companies looking to 'help'. Then I got a call from Mark, one of the principles at M&M Financial. His tone, demeanor and open dialogue of information was very appealing and I instantly was interested in their assistance. 

There were many other companies whose 'agents' called us as we were now on the radar as a matter of public record. I can't tell you how off-putting and unprofessional they came across. It was disquieting frankly...

My case was assigned to Max and he immediately set to work letting the IRS know that M&M Financial would be representing us and we achieved the goal of netting a 'installment agreement' with the IRS.  The process has been thorough and we have even decided to continue with M&M's monitoring services to ensure we keep a healthy tax profile. I sincerely could not have done it without them."

Ken C.
Small Business Owner
Springfield, MO

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M&M Consulting has performed as they presented themselves to be. Their professionalism and understanding of the policies, laws, and regulations concerning the IRS has directed us to a pleasing resolution, while maintaining our future relationship with the IRS.
Keith H.
Green Isle, MN