M&M's Tax Resolution and Relief Specialists

Centrally located in Chicago, M&M has been resolving and reducing IRS and state tax liabilities for small businesses nationwide since 2005. We've built a sterling reputation client by client. We continue to develop M&M's unique tax resolution system to produce consistent, exceptional results for our clients. We help small business owners get back on track.

M&M's 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

M&M offered a fifteen day money back guarantee on its services.  I requested a refund within the fifteen day period.  The refund was honored immediately, no questions asked.

Brady M.
Small Business Owner
Terre Haute, IN

M&M Tax Advisors

Mark Mitchell, EA M&M Financial Tax Relief

Mark Mitchell, EA

President and Founder
Federally Licensed Enrolled Agent
M&M Since 2005
call/text (773) 969-5813

Not only was the matter resolved quickly and efficiently, the staff at M&M Financial was always available to talk with me. Their compassion was greatly appreciated in a very stressful time. Not only does M&M resolve tax matters, they are very good at listening any time of day when I needed a friend. Thank you Jonathan, Mark & Lupe.

Dana F.
Small Business Owner
Greenwood, SC

Matthew Harford, EA M&M Financial Tax Relief

Gregory DeMatoff, EA

Senior Tax Advisor
Federally Licensed Enrolled Agent
M&M Since 2019
call/text (773) 969-5810

They are literally life savers!! In a matter of weeks, they removed all the stress and anxiety I had developed from my situation. (I never knew what a panic attack was until the IRS informed me of my situation) I could sleep at night again and in a little over a year they have gotten my situation under control. I don't know where I would be without their professional competency.

William F.
Small Business Owner
Port St. Lucie, FL

Brian Jones M&M Financial Tax ReliefJoseph Botti

Tax Advisor
M&M Since 2023
call/text (773) 969-5846
M&M's help was great. They relieved my stress level immediately. They were knowledgeable and thorough, they were courteous and prompt. I appreciate the hard work and the outcome.

Michael R.
Home Healthcare Provider
Nashville, TN

Brian Jones M&M Financial Tax ReliefGreg Halloran

Business Development
M&M Since 2024
call (773) 969-5811
M&M Financial was very professional and knowledgeable in handling my case. They were able to put my worries at ease and were always available to answer any questions. I would highly recommend them.

Small Business Owner
Melrose Park, IL

Brian Jones M&M Financial Tax ReliefDanny Verastegui

Business Development
Bilingual English/Spanish
M&M Since 2022
call (773) 969-5808
Exceptional customer service with a team of very well educated and versed individuals. Even with a complex case like we experienced, M&M had the knowledge and resources to quickly identify our needs and offer up a very viable and effective solution.

John T.
Small Business Owner

Brian Jones M&M Financial Tax ReliefBrian Jones

Business Development
M&M Since 2008
call (773) 969-5809

He was very professional and answered my questions.  I felt confident that they would help me do what I needed to do.  He sent me information about M&M.  There was no hard sell.   Their fee was very reasonable.

Marilyn K.
Small Business Owner
Flint, MI

Brian Jones M&M Financial Tax ReliefPaul Leahy

Business Development
M&M Since 2020
call (773) 969-5812

M&M Consulting handled my case with the utmost professionalism, and made the whole experience as stress-free as possible.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in an IRS "situation".

George B.
Lake Forest, IL

Brian Jones M&M Financial Tax ReliefSteven Davis

Business Development
M&M Since 2021
call (773) 969-5802
M&M was very professional in assisting me to deal with my tax liability. They identified the ways that I was out of compliance and provided me with a payment plan to resolve my tax liability. I highly recommend their services to any future client.

Ron P.

 A+ BBB Rating

13 Complaint Free Awards
2015 Torch Award for Ethics in the Marketplace
I would highly recommend the tax services of M&M Financial.  Their staff was very comprehensive, trustworthy, efficient and professional.  I never felt that they were trying to sell me any unnecessary services.  In fact, after assessing my case they provided me with a solution, advised me that i could do it independently and refunded my money.  I would absolutely utilize their services again.
Sherri S.
Small Business Owner
Olympia Fields, IL

M&M Resolutions

Mason Bowman, EA M&M Financial Tax ReliefMason Bowman, EA

Vice President and Founder
Federally Licensed Enrolled Agent
M&M Since 2005

Just wanted to say if you are having trouble with the IRS or state please give the wonderful people at M&M a chance to work for you. Mason and his staff worked tirelessly to negotiate an affordable Installment Agreement when the IRS did not want to negotiate with me personally at all. A tremendous weight has been lifted off me and my company and I would not hesitate one second recommending M&M to anyone who is having trouble. You won't be sorry.

Britt P.
Small Business Owner
Royal, AR

Jonathan Stewart, EA M&M Financial Tax ReliefJonathan Stewart, EA

Resolutions Group Manager
Senior Associate Tax Consultant / Owner
Federally Licensed Enrolled Agent
M&M Since 2007

My experience in dealing with M&M Financial, in particular, Jonathan Stewart, has been incredible. Dealing with the IRS can be a very stressful situation. I lost a lot of sleep over the situation I was in regarding my payroll taxes. Jonathan (M&M) was there for me, and resolved a very bad situation. It didn't matter how many times I called or what time I called, he always picked up, or got right back to me. He always answered every question I had, to put my mind at ease. He was always able to calm my nerves, and make me feel like I was in good hands. First class service. I'm soo thankful for Jonathan Stewart and M&M.

Dr. Timothy B.
Small Business Owner
Tracy, CA

Rebecca Kelly, EA M&M Financial Tax ReliefRebecca Kelly, EA

Senior Associate Tax Consultant
Federally Licensed Enrolled Agent
M&M Since 2007

I was at my wits end, especially when the lady in charge of my case wouldn't return a single phone call. I contacted M&M Financial and Rebecca took over my case and amazing, the IRS lady would answer her calls. M&M Financial helped me get the majority of my penalties & interest dropped. I am so please with all Rebecca and M&M did for me

Catherine G.
Small Business Owner
Camden, AR

Calvin Mims M&M Financial Tax ReliefKelly Davis, EA

Associate Tax Consultant
Federally Licensed Enrolled Agent
M&M Since 2017

I have never experienced such great people to work with in such a hard time.  They took care of me and always kept me informed of everything that was going on.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Small Business Owner
New Mexico

Lupe Figueroa M&M Financial Tax ReliefLupe Figueroa

Case Manager
Bilingual English/Spanish
M&M Since 2011

Lupe Figueroa was assigned to my case. All I can say is that she provided a professional, pleasurable, stress free and fast resolution. I highly recommend this company. Thank you very much M&M Financial and Lupe!
Thomas M.
Adams, MA

Shayna Gatlin M&M Financial Tax ReliefJessica Gouge

Case Manager
M&M Since 2021

I would like to thank M&M Financial Consulting, Inc. for doing what even the IRS told me wouldn't happen. I was out of $60,000 Dollars because of penalties for filing late 990 returns which was all returned to me because of the excellent work done by M&M Financial. I have become a personal advertising system for M&M Financial and now every case I get is referred to M&M. Thanks!!
Reginald G.
Educator, Non-Profit
Washington, DC

Shayna Gatlin M&M Financial Tax ReliefAndrew Hawkins

Case Manager
M&M Since 2023
My only regret is that I did not come across M&M sooner. I had the unfortunate experience of working with another company that over promised and under delivered on everything. M&M gave a date to have my issue resolved and as long as I did my part, with paperwork and info, it would be. To my surprise they resolved my issue sooner than expected.
Julio M.
Medical Supplier

Shayna Gatlin M&M Financial Tax ReliefChase Ross

Case Manager
M&M Since 2024
I am extremely satisfied and impress with your services. Excellent, reliable and very comforting.
Joe J.
Los Angeles, CA

M&M Administrative Team

Shayna Gatlin M&M Financial Tax ReliefShayna Gatlin

Office Manager
M&M Since 2011

I just wanted to say Thank You for all you have done for us. Over a year ago I would have never thought you could have done such an amazing job getting the overpowering, overreaching, over controlling and over bearing IRS and State to reach one settlement after another, and in the end it is all resolved!! I can never say in words how grateful and relieved I am for all your HELP and professionalism and kindness when I was scared to death! You're the BEST and Thank YOU!!
Sharon S.
Small Business Owner
North Carolina

Coco Pebbles

Stress Management
M&M Since 2018
I love to see Coco in the office. She makes the day better from the moment she greets you at the door. Just a few minutes of Coco time throughout the day helps a lot. Also, love the smile on her face!

Mason B.
M&M Resolutions


M&M Since 2021
Frank is the best! I love it that he always comes and finds me to get some pets when he knows that I'm upstairs on the Resolutions floor. Makes me smile every time. Such a good boy!

Mark M.
M&M President and Founder