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Do you remember the reason you started your business? What drew you to it in the first place?

It can be easy to lose sight of that dream once the bills start flying in, employees no-show, equipment breaks, customers don’t pay...

The Dream is still there. You just need to find it again.
  • Financial Independence
  • Flexibility
  • Leave Behind a Family Business
  • Pursue Your Pa...
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When a business accrues a 941-employment tax liability, the IRS looks to the individual owners, officers, managers… of the business to determine responsibility.

Why?  The Service wants to determine collection targets for the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.  One integral part of the Trust Fund Investigation is the form 4180 Interview.

The IRS uses form 4180 to interview potentially Responsible Indivi...
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IRS Revenue Officers, as a group, are a volatile bunch.  If you’re business is behind with its payroll taxes, you’ll probably get to meet one for yourself, if you haven’t already.  Speaking from more than a decade of experience, our clients don’t like their Revenue Officer very much.  

Chances are, you don’t like dealing with your Revenue Officer either.

Communication with the Service

You might fe...
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"M&M helped me get through an anxiety filled period of my business life.  M&M navigated the layers of issues I needed to get resolved with my taxes.  Communication between myself and the State was completely handled and then resolved by my personal associate.  M&M kept me in the loop on all correspondence and phone conversation that took place.  The best part was they just didn't email me or as...
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M&M Consulting has performed as they presented themselves to be. Their professionalism and understanding of the policies, laws, and regulations concerning the IRS has directed us to a pleasing resolution, while maintaining our future relationship with the IRS.
Keith H.
Green Isle, MN